Choose your glove strap!

Each pair of the X1 Evolution comes with three different straps that can be changed in just a few seconds. You won`t notice any difference to fixed straps!

You can choose between the well-known elastic strap in black and a black or white latex strap.


Check out this video to see how it works!

Details about the X1 Evolution C5….

The X1 Evolution C5 was designed for professionals.

The X1 Evolution C5 once again combines the best materials to a professional goalkeeper glove. The simple design impresses with its elegance and signal effect. We have deliberately avoided pseudo-technologies or unneccessary features! The interplay of adhesive foam, fit and comfort results in a symphony of pure performance.

The adhesive foam ...

With the 4mm ProContact adhesive foam, the X1 Evolution C5 is provided with high-tech materials. This latex is one of the best in the world! No matter if during dry or wet conditions - 100% grip is guaranteed in any case!

The latex also impresses with its specific durability. There is hardly any adhesive foam that maintains such a grip performance over such a long period of time. Due to the 4mm thickness of the adhesive foam and the additional 2mm damping lamination, the "ProContact" has an exceptionally high impact absorption.


The cut….

The X1 Evolution C5 is provided with the innovative C5 Roll50 Cut - a cut that has not yet been available on the market in this unique and sophisticated form. With the Roll50 Cut we have succeeded in developing a mix of the common regular, negative and roll finger cuts. No matter which cut you originally prefer, the Roll50 Cut always fits. Just try it out!

The glove body ...

The backhand of the X1 Evolution C5 was designed without latex. It has been tested and developed for full three years in order to ensure that the glove is stable even without latex and still guarantees the usually known good fit!

The glove body itself consists of an exclusive "Pro-Active-Mesh" material. This ensures best air circulation and high wearing comfort. The high elasticity of this material supports the perfect fit of the glove. Stable and yet elastic - this is what characterizes this high-tech material!

The slip-in ...

The slip-in is provided with an "Easy-Entry-System" (EES), which makes it easy to put on the glove. Still, the glove is tied close to the wrist. In order to ensure this, we use high-quality, elastic material that does not wear out even after pulling on the glove several times.

The straps...

You can fix the goalkeeper glove with any of the three available straps. No matter which one you choose, every strap is of absolutely high quality and reliably fulfills its purpose - to protect your wrist and to fix the glove perfectly.


The personalization ...

Personalization is possible as usual on the elastic strap!

X1 Evolution C5

X1 Evolution C5

€100.00Regular Price€69.00Sale Price

Since 2008, our main focus is on manufacturing our unique premium goalkeeper gloves that combine functionality, top design and quality. We see it as our obligation to produce perfect goalkeeper gloves, which meet up to the high requirements of the intensive everyday goalkeeper game. Therefore, every single goalkeeper glove consists of the very best materials.

Benett invested a lot of time and costs in order to perfect the cuts and nosefittings of our models. Outrageous nosefitting, excellent feeling for the ball and stunning stability are the characteristics of our Goalkeeper Gloves.

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