Sponsoring for Professional Goalkeepers

If you are an active top-league professional goalkeeper and interested in Benett Sponsoring, send a message to office@benett-sports.com, titled"Sponsoring". 

The message should contain the following:

  •    Your name, e-mail adress and phone number

  •    The name of your club and the end date of your contract

  •    Your status (number 1, 2 or so on) and how many games you have played this season

  • ​   The goalkeeper gloves you are using right now (cut, size, etc.) . ​

After checking this information, one of our sponsoring-partners will contact you and inform you about further cooperation possibilities.

Sponsoring for Non-Professional Goalkeepers

BENETT GOALKEEPING offers non-professional goalkeepers sensational discounts and a certain amount of free goalkeeper gloves. You can choose between the following packages:

  • 3+1 package (25% discount from retail price)

This package contains three gloves 25% off, with an additional free fourth pair. You have to buy these gloves within 12 months - the purchase of single pairs is possible. The free pair will be shipped along with the last order. When the first package is used, you have the possibility to start a new package right afterwards. For this package, you will be charged with a processing fee of 5,90 EUR for each delivery. Shipping is of course free. 

  • 6+2 package (30% discount)

This package contains the same conditions and rules as package 1, however combined with different quantity of and discounts on gloves. 

If you are interested in these packages, please send a message to office@benett-sports.com titled "non-professional sponsoring". 

Since 2008, our main focus is on manufacturing our unique premium goalkeeper gloves that combine functionality, top design and quality. We see it as our obligation to produce perfect goalkeeper gloves, which meet up to the high requirements of the intensive everyday goalkeeper game. Therefore, every single goalkeeper glove consists of the very best materials.

Benett invested a lot of time and costs in order to perfect the cuts and nosefittings of our models. Outrageous nosefitting, excellent feeling for the ball and stunning stability are the characteristics of our Goalkeeper Gloves.

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