Gives the grip of your goalkeeper gloves a new dimension. The soft gel acts as a megabooster against loss of grip. Thanks to the INSTANT technology, it is quickly absorbed and you will immediately experience how it strengthens the adhesive properties of your catch areas, pure performance!

Think of the permanent moistening of your rubbers before and during the game, because latex rubbers have much more grip. A damp towel in the gate or simply spitting in helps. Also note the information about your goalkeeper glove brand.

Thanks to the practical folding lock, you can easily dose it and is therefore great for training and competitions. Best applied before and during your goalie game. You can use it several times if necessary.
HYPER GRIP is suitable for all latex goalkeeper gloves and is ready for use in any weather.
ATTENTION: Protect from frost and heat.

Wash your goalkeeper gloves with SUPER WASH in the sink after use. Dirt and sweat residues are removed properly.


  • 477/5000

    1. Apply a large amount of HYPER GRIP to each catch area
    2. Spread the gel evenly by rubbing the toppings together
    3. Thanks to the instant technology, the gel is quickly absorbed and immediately increases grip performance

    Before using for the first time, please read the information on the tube. Unscrew the black cap and remove the sealing film. Then screw the cap back on. The tube is now ready for use and the gel can be applied.

  • EU + Switzerland:  5,90 EUR
    (free shipping from 75 Euros order value)
    USA: 6,90 EUR 
    Other Countries: 9,90 EUR 

    !! Please note that shipping to USA, Kuwait and Australia are not possible at the moment due to the Corona Virus Situation!!

Since 2008, our main focus is on manufacturing our unique premium goalkeeper gloves that combine functionality, top design and quality. We see it as our obligation to produce perfect goalkeeper gloves, which meet up to the high requirements of the intensive everyday goalkeeper game. Therefore, every single goalkeeper glove consists of the very best materials.

Benett invested a lot of time and costs in order to perfect the cuts and nosefittings of our models. Outrageous nosefitting, excellent feeling for the ball and stunning stability are the characteristics of our Goalkeeper Gloves.

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